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Dear Colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the International Conference “RESULTS OF THE ELECTRONIC GEOPHYSICAL YEAR”, from 3 to 6 June 2009 in Pereslavl-Zalessky one of beautiful ancient towns of the Russian Golden Ring. Founded in 1152, the town is located 144 km from Moscow on a bank of the picturesque Plescheevo Lake surrounded by coniferous forests. The conference will take place in the Institute of Program Systems RAS.

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Following information about the conference
Conference Themes
Program Committee
Program Committee Members
Orzanizing committee
Presentations + registration form
Conference materials
Working languages
Important dates
Contact information
Location of the conference
Cultural events
Sponsors of the conference

Earth Sciences Branch RAS
Geophysical Center RAS
Institute of Program Systems RAS
Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth (Moscow)
Russian foundation for basic research
National Geophysical Committee RAS
The Electronic Geophysical Year 2008-2009
International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG)
The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Conference Sessions
  1. Electronic Geophysical Year. Results and showcase products of eGY in Russia. “International Polar Year”, “International Heliophysical Year”, “International Year of Planet Earth”, “International Year of Astronomy”. (Chairman: À. Gvishiani)
  2. Artificial intelligence methods in geoinformatics and geoscience. Geoinformation systems in fundamental and applied scientific problems. Problems of geoinformatics in seismology and geoecology. (Chairman: V. Naumova)
  3. GRID systems. (Chairman: M. Zhizhin)
  4. Transition of World Data Centers into World Data System. (Chairman: D. Clark)
  5. Geomagnetic observations, geoinformatics and virtual observatories. (Chairman: V. Kuznetsov)
  6. Global changes, climate and weather of the solar-terrestrial system. (Chairman: D. Clark)
Program Committee
À. Gliko, academician-secretary of Earth sciences branch RAS, director of the Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS, chair of section of seismology and physics of the Earth's interior of NGC RF

À. Gvishiani, corr.member RAS, Direcdtor of the Geophysical Center RAS, chair of the eGY committee in Russia, chair of NGC RAS
S. Abramov, corr.member RAS, director of the Institute of Program Systems RAS

Yu. Lubovtseva, PhD, GC RAS, vice-chair of NGC

R. Krasnoperov, GC RAS
Program Committee Members
academician Yu. Arsky
PhD À. Berezko
academician V. Bondur
academician V. Chanturia
academician V. Kotlyakov
Dr. Sc. V. Kuznetsov
corr. member RAS I. Mokhhov
Dr. Sc. Ye. Morozov
academician D. Rundkvist
corr. member RAS V. Savinykh
Dr. Sc. I. Zektser
PhD Ì. Zhizhin

academician NAS of Ukraine M. Zgurovsky

Dr. Sc. Bill Peterson
Dr. Sc. David Clark
Dr. Sc. Peter Fox
Prof. Jean-Bernard Minster

academician A. Kryazhimsky

Prof. Jean Bonnin
Dr. Sc. Jacques Zlotnicki
Orzanizing committee
Committee members:
L. Labuntsova
V. Yumaguzhina
Ò. Prisvetlaya
E. Firsova
A. Rybkina
S. Lebedev
E. Bolotsky
V. Nechitailenko

Short abstracts (not more than one A4 page) should contain the following information: presentation's title; author's name and surname; name of the organization and the text. Applications and abstracts are requested to be submitted in Russian and English in WORD format (file.doc).

Applications and abstracts are requested to be sent by å-mail to

Applications and abstracts are requested to be presented according to the form

Please, mention the session of your presentation and the presentation format oral or poster presentation.
Conference materials
Publication of the Conference materials with complete texts of presentations is planned.
Working languages
Working languages of the Conference are Russian and English.
Important dates
Applications submission deadline: 1 April 2009.
Abstracts submission deadline: 15 April 2009.
Contact information
R. Krasnoperov, GC RAS
ò.: +7 495 930-05-46; fax: +7 495 930-05-06

Organizing matters:
L. Labuntsova, GC RAS
ò.: +7 495 930-05-46; fax: +7 495 930-05-06
A.Rybkina, GC RAS
ò.: +7 495 930-05-46; fax: +7 495 930-05-06
Location of the conference
Institute of Program Systems of Russian Academy of sciences IPS RAS (website)
Russian Federation, 152020, Yaroslavl region. Pereslavl,Botik.

Conference Site:
1. IPS RAS (website)
The place of stay of participants of the conference In Pereslavl:
2. Hotel “Pereslavl”
3. Motel “Albitsky Garden”
4. Hotel “West”
Recomended restaurants:
5.Restaurant “Forest Fairy Tale”
6.Restaurant “Navigator”
Culture places of interest:
7. Steam Engines Museum
8. Botik of Peter the Great
9. Alexandrov Mountain
10. Transfiguration Cathedral, XII century
11. St. Nicolas convent
Cultural events
3 June, Wednesday
Tour of Pereslavl-Zalessky: visit to the boat of Peter the Great, Museum of Irons, cathedrals and churches
Welcome party in Navigator restaurant
5 June, Friday
Dinner party in the restaurant “Forest Fairy Tale”
6 June, Saturday
Tour of Rostov Veliky
Sponsors of the conference

Charity Kauffman Foundation

ASM Holding
"Data+" International Distributer

Systems Integrator "Office Technics"

“Stroyteks” Group of Companies

National Information Agency
"Natural resources"

Open joint-stock company
commercial investment bank "Euroalliance"

Scientific analytic magazine
"Engineering ecology"

"knowledge is the common wealth of humanity"
Adama Samassekou,
convener of the UN World Summit
on the Information Society

What is eGY?

The Electronic Geophysical Year, 2007-2008 (eGY) provides an opportunity for the international geoscientific community to focus effort on a 21st Century e-Science approach to issues of data stewardship: open access to data, data preservation, data discovery, data rescue, capacity building, and outreach. The development of Virtual Observatories and Laboratories is a central feature of eGY.

eGY is an internationally-recognized resolve by the science community to achieve a step increase in making past, present, and future geoscientific data readily, rapidly, conveniently, and openly available. eGY provides the international framework and a target for stimulating and coordinating activities to make this happen. eGY focuses on themes of electronic data location and access, permission and release of data, conversion of data into modern digital form, data preservation, capacity building, particularly in developing countries, and outreach. Promoting the development of a network of virtual observatories is a central feature of eGY.

Russian eGY Committee

The Committee has been formed in the beginning of 2007 and adopted by division of Earth Sciences of RAS 26.02.2008. It includes actual and potential authors of eGY products and leading scientists in Earth sciences from wide range of Earth disciplines: 28 members from 22 research institutes in Russia. Functions in close collaboration with CODATA WG on eGY, Russian National IUGG and CODATA committees

Hosted by Geophysical Center RAS

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