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Showcase products

Showcase products

Multifunctional system of automated detection of anomalies on time series of geoscience observations.GC RAS - IPGP

DRAS (Difference Recognition Algorithm for Signals ) - 2003

FLARS (Fuzzy Logic Algorithm for Recognition of Signals) – 2005

FCARS (Fuzzy Comparison Algorithm for Recognition of Signals) - 2007

Realize “smooth” modeling (in fuzzy mathematics sense introduced by L. Zade) of interpreter’s logic, that searches for anomalies on FTS.

Examples of FTS rectification functionals

Length of the fragment, energy of the fragment, difference of the fragment from its regression of order n.


To lern more (FTS anomaly recognition algorithms presentation ppt file)


Virtual laboratory of monitoring volcanoes and regional seismicity (in collaboration with VELM, French committee on eGY). GC RAS - IPE RAS - IPGP - University of Clermont-Ferrand - Greek and Indian research labs


Virtual Electromagnetic Laboratory



This laboratory gathers international expertises in different fields of researches for contributing to Natural Hazards mitigation, through common projects mainly applied to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.


The VEML focuses on combined magnetic, electric and ElectroMagnetic (EM) studies and integrates the EM observations in multi-disciplinary researches.


To lern more (


Energy of electric signals generated by seismic waves versus magnitude and distance of earthquakes (Greece)   Electric signals recorded before March 1998 eruption of La Fournaise volcano




Distributed network analytical GIS for spatio-temporal data analysis in geosciences. IPE RAS-IDG RAS-IITP RAS


Algorithmic database on global laws of seismicity and long-term prediction of earthquakes. IIEPT (MITPAN)

This prediction algorithms, the full list of predictions and another supplementary materials availble here.

Earthquake Catalog Processing (ECP) Package Guide

Earthquake Catalog Processing (ECP) Package contains Compilation Catalog (CompiCat) Program. CompiCat  is an application that combines editing, search and analyzing of earthquake catalogs.

CompiCat provides single-source portability across platforms with Unix/X11 (Linux, Sun Solaris, etc) and Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. CompiCat program is a C++ code using Qt C++ tool kit for multiplatform Graphic User Interface (GUI) and Qwt, which is Qt windows for technical applications. 

ECP Package contains import facilities supporting the list of earthquake catalog formats, which examples and web references to source agencies are provided in  Appendis B. CompiCat program allows the user:

to import source catalogs,

to convert them into the standard format

to perform editing

search and

analysis of the compiled data.

ECP Package is available for uploading here


Internet based Indo-Russian intelligent database of IGY magnetic data (1957-1960). GC RAS Moscow - IIG Bombay - WDC STP/Moscow - WDC STP/Bombay

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